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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Presidential Debate Results, Bush Loses Again

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Its ironic that conservatives in the administration often deride their critics for being "shrill". I have never heard a shriller sound than the hysterical shrieking that characterized Dubya's second debate performance. He repeated the same tired lies and fantasies, only this time he did so in a high pitched tantrum voice. Remember the argument with your X that made him or her your X? Well, Dubya sounded about that shrill and hysterical. Not only did his lies fail to agree with reality, but his subjects-verb agreement, his singular-plural agreement, they were non-existent as well. Kerry was able to hold back from correcting Dubya's grammar, but after tonight's debate, its pretty clear that Dubya's that much closer to riding the short bus back to Crawford.
Putting Kerry up against Dubya in a debate is analogous to putting the heavyweight champion (back when anyone knew who the heavyweight champion was) up against an also-ran from the special Olympics. The only difference, besides the fact that watching Dubya get KOed is a lot more pleasant, is that special Olympian are sweet, nice kids struggling against terrible adversity and making the most of it. I used to work in a SpEd classroom, and it was always inspiring to see the kids exceed everyone's expectations. Dubya's the opposite- he's the Evil SpEd. He's had no adversity whatsoever- in fact, he's had more priviledge and opportunity than practically anyone else on the planet. Imagine being able to go to Yale and Harvard and graduating without being able to finish a sentence in English. Well, he sure showed us why his Yale transcript doesn't include a stint on the debate team. One has to wonder if he was born this stupid, or if using his brain exclusively as a sponge for so long has anything to do with it. Maybe he powdered his nose once two often, refused to bother reading a book for a few years too long, and let his mind atrophy. Maybe it was that great dope the Worst Lady used to push back in college.
A democrat hasn't had a Bush on the ropes like this since Harry Truman brought Grandpa Prescott 'Hitler's Little Helper' Bush up on charges of trading with the enemy on the senate floor and announced, "I believe this approaches treason". Which brings us back to Dubya and his shrill rantings. At one point he brought up the international criminal court. Whether or not he opposes it on ideological grounds, it has to be considered that he has a personal stake in keeping the U.S. out of it. You see, even though Prescott was able to get off relatively easy back in '43, his estate is now being sued by two pesky holocaust survivors who want to recoup their back wages from their days as slave laborers for the Bush's German interests. That case would be heard in the ICC, if America were to join it. Thought the butterfly ballots were the first time the Bushes' screwed the Jews? Guess again. You see, the Bush family didn't get rich by hard work; it was treason (trading with the Nazis), fraud (too numerous to list, but BCCI, the S&L scandals, and Iran-Contra come to mind); drug dealing (Iran-Contra, Contra side), more treason (Iran-Contra, Iranian side); not to mention some good honest business with folks like the Saudi-Bin Laden Group.
I can't wait to see round three.


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