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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A State of Nature

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My apologies for not having updated this blog in the past week. I have just finished the latest piece for the main site, entitled Not Grandpa's Republican Party" about how the Republican Party has betray the ideals of state's rights, fiscal and personal responsibility and international non-involvement that it used to stand for. Writing a serious piece on GOP hypocrisy while Bill O'Reilly's latest sex scandal is in the news has gotten me to thinking, why not write a review of the best, most hypocritical GOP sex and drug scandals, which will be upcoming on the main site. This blog is generally satirical, but today, I'm going to add a serious post. The next one will be funny, I promise.
"A state of nature" was how early Americans in the months prior to the Revolutionary War characterized their situation. They considered themselves to be in a state of nature because government based on the rule of law had failed. The British crown had repeatedly acted with arbitrariness and hubris, going well beyond the rights of the government over the governed. The colonial charters which had established the basis for the governments of the colonies were no longer valid, being derived from the royal authority which had lost its legitimacy. New governments had yet to be formed. The only laws were those of nature; the natural human instinct of the Americans to work together in the face of looming crisis pitted against the ultimate law of nature, that of violent force, on the side of the crown.
In recent weeks it has come to light that election fraud and massive voter disenfranchisement are once again the modus operandi of Mad King George II's bid to hold on to his illegitimate grip on power. In Florida, Nevada, West Virginia, Colorado, Ohio- in nearly every state with the possibility of deciding the coming election the GOP and its allies have been hard at work. They have falsely registered voters, giving them the impression that they will be registered when in fact they will not be. They have destroyed voter registration forms submitted by democrats, disqualified registrations based on everything from unchecked boxes covering redundant information provided elsewhere on the registration form to the thickness of paper on which the registration forms are printed. They have paid college students to vote for Bush on Absentee ballots. They have altered polling locations and threatened to disallow those attempting to vote at the wrong location in the right precinct from doing so despite laws allowing them too do so. The inaccurate, racially biased felon purge lists have returned. Electronic voting machines incapable of allowing recounts and proven to be susceptible to fraud, manufactured and operated by GOP connected companies are being foisted on the public. In Florida, at early voting locations irregularities have already been reported, affecting likely democratic voters almost exclusively. Absentee ballots have been issued without John Kerry's name on them.
Four years ago when the election was decided under similar circumstances, the American people submitted to the idea that as a nation of laws, we must submit to the rule of law and accept the flawed outcome of that election. Since that time, a usurping regime has violated both the law and the constitution which is the sole basis of the law with reckless hubris and disregard. Neither the states nor the people are safe in their legal or constitutional rights anymore. Meanwhile, the regime is subject to neither, and has usurped powers not granted to government under the constitution. They have subverted control of the media, making the free press into a consolidated disinformation machine. They have violated more or less the entire Bill of Rights, with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd amendments. They have allowed all manner of graft, corruption, and in the cases of the Plame leak and Halliburton's dealings with Iran even treason, to be committed by their own while crushing dissenters and political enemies.
The dishonesty and reckless disregard for law and morality of this regime has plunged the United States into the most desperate condition it has faced since the great depression. They have done this without a popular mandate or constitutional legitimacy. Should they legitimately be affirmed in their current position in the coming election, then we will have to simply bite our tongues and continue to work within the law to assuage the damage they are causing to our nation. However, should they again steal they election through fraud, judicial machinations, and violence as they did before and as the evidence clearly shows they are trying to do again as we speak, we will have to accept the fact that we are no longer a nation of laws, and that law has been rendered the tool of the tyrant, not the recourse of the citizen. We will be, as our ancestors were when the excesses of the crown passed all reason and all hope of reconciliation, in a "state of nature". Should that come to pass, it will be necessary for American patriots to respond the way our ancestors did, according to the laws of nature.


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